Pokemon Go Raid Boss Tier List June 2018 Updated


Pokemon Go Raid Boss Tier List June 2018 has been updated. These are the list of Raid Bosses are available in Pokemon Go.

Niantic games released Pokemon GO in the year 2016, it becomes a total rage throughout the world. The game was loved and appreciated by the Pokemon Fans and community all around the world.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Tier List June 2018

Since its release, Pokemon Go has gone through several changes and updates and many community day events have been held within the game, giving you the opportunity to catch shiny Pokemon. In May, we have seen the Pokemon Go Charmander community event, allowing you to evolve your Pokemon into the Charizard. It has given the opportunity to catch the Shiny Charizard.

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Tier List June 2018

The Pokemon Raid Boss Tier List for June has been updated, and we are sharing you the list in the table below

Tier Raid Boss Capture CP
Tier 1 Swablu 2766
Tier 1 Magikarp 1165
Tier 1 Snorunt 2825
Tier 1 Duskull 2770
Tier 1 Shuppet 3372
Tier 2 Misdreavus 10417
Tier 2 Sneasel 11350
Tier 2 Sableye 8266
Tier 2 Mawile 9403
Tier 2 Exeggutor 13839
Tier 3 Gengar 19768
Tier 3 Jynx 18296
Tier 3 Pinsir 20167
Tier 3 Granbull 15328
Tier 3 Piloswine 13663
Tier 3 Machamp 18144
Tier  4 Houndoom 27302
Tier  4 Walrein 23578
Tier  4 Tyranitar 34707
Tier  4 Aggron 33458
Tier  4 Absol 26262