Pokemon Go Raid Bug is helpful to players & need it as a feature

Pokemon Go Raids

Usually, bugs are regarded as a bad phenomenon in any game. But sometimes they can be rather useful for the players. The Pokemon Go game has always encountered many unwanted bugs which frustrates the players. However, one bug regarding raids is wanted by many players. During a discussion on a subreddit of Pokemon Go, they wish that this bug should be a permanent feature.

A Reddit user ‘, u/HairBears, shared a photo of a Pokemon Go bug demonstrating a finished Raid which shows the remaining time. He did not have any idea how it happened, but it stayed there for 2 minutes. Then it disappears due to automatic refresh, or due to distance, as he walks away from it.

Useful Bug: Finished Raid shows remaining time from r/TheSilphRoad


But post raid timers can be very useful for players, as many players keep figuring out time is left in certain raids. On the other hand, it also helps players, how long will the gym be blocked if you are not aware of the starting time.

Many players pointed out that it should be there as a feature from day one since the raids started in Pokemon Go.

One user, Tylergo123, joined the discussion by saying that this is not a bug, it has been added to the latest update as a feature.

It is unclear whether this has now been added as a feature in the latest update or if it was just a bug.