Pokemon Go Totodile Community Day January 2019

Pokemon Go Totodile Community Day January 2019

The very first Pokemon Go Community Day 2019 has been announced and the featured pokemon is Totodile, a generation 2 starter Water-Type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Community Day January 2019

For the Pokemon Go Totodile Community Day, two bonuses have been announced

  • Egg hatching will take 1/4 of the distance
  • Lures will last for three hours

These will be stacked over the current Hatchathon Bonuses. This means you can gather a big amount of stardust and candy in the game.

Community Day January 2019 Exclusive Move

The best part of a Community Day event is the Exclusive Move. Pokemon Go Totodile Community Day January 2019 features the Exclusive Move Hydro Cannon. If you evolve your Totodile into Feraligatr, then it can learn this move. But the condition for this is to complete this before the first hour of the event.


It has been observed that most of the starter Pokemon are used for the Community Day. For example, Bulbasaur in March 2018, Pikachu in January 2018 and Cyndaquil in November 2018. Hence, Totodile was the most probable choice for the Pokemon Go Community Day January 2019.

Pokemon Go Community Day 2018

Month Pokemon Gen Special Move
January Pikachu 1 Surf
February Dratini 1 Draco Meteor
March Bulbasaur 1 Frenzy Plant
April Mareep 2 Dragon Pulse
May Charmander 1 Blast Burn
June Larvitar 2 Smack Down
July Squirtle 1 Hydro Cannon
August Eevee 1 Last Resort
September Chikorita 2 Frenzy Plant
October Beldum 3 Meteor Mash
November Cyndaquil 2 Blast Burn
December Previous 11

Check out the official news from the official Pokemon Go Twitter handle:

Pokemon Go Totodile Community Day January 2019 Date

The Pokemon Go Community Day January will take place on January 12th. The times in different regions for the event are given below:

  • Americas and Greenland: 11 am PST to 2 pm PST (2 pm ET to 5 pm ET)
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and India: 10 am GMT to 1 pm GMT
  • Asia Pacific: 12pm JST to 3pm JST

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