Pokemon GO Trainer Battles, PvP battles details


Pokemon Go has already been a huge phenomenon all over the world from past two-three years, and Niantic has not stopped there, as they have released new game Pokemon Lets Go for the platform Nintendo Switch.

But it does not mean, the developers have started neglecting the Pokemon Go, instead they have announced a new feature for the game PvP battles which will allow two trainers to battle against each other. This specific feature has been missing in the game for quite a long time. We believe that the inclusion of this feature will be welcomed by the pokemon gaming community with open hearts

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

Not much information has been revealed yet about the Pokemon Trainer Battles, but it will be released by today evening

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

Although on November 30th, 2018, on the official Pokemon Go Twitter page, developers have shared information regarding the types of Battle Leagues which will be included in the game. There are three types of Pokemon Go Trainer Battle Leagues – Great, Ultra and Master

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

In addition to that, there are specific Battle League requirements which are needed to participate in the league

Great League – 1500 CP Limit per Pokemon
Ultra League – 2500 CP Limit Per Pokemon
Master League – No CP Limit Per Pokemon

So, get ready to select your best team and battle out with your friends with PvP battles coming in Pokemon Go


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