Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution | Charizard | Blastoise | Venusaur


Pokemon Let’s Go is about to release in just a couple of days, and it will feature most awaited Pokemon Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution is stronger than normal evolution providing a large boost to the Pokemon’s

But firstly, you must be wondering, what is Pokemon Mega Evolution

What is Pokemon Go Mega Evolution?

Mega Evolution is a stage of Pokemon, where it evolves beyond the normal evolution.

For a generic example, a Charmander evolving into Charmeleon and further Charizard into Mega-Charizard

How many Pokemon Mega Evolution is there?

The Pokemon Mega Evolution has been added to the Pokemon roster in Generation Six. Currently, there is a total of 48 Mega Evolutions in the game. Out of which 28 Mega Evolutions will be introduced for Pokemon X and Y while further 20 Mega Evolutions were added in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha

Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution Details

It is now confirmed that Mega Evolution will be added to Pokemon Let’s Go and in the upcoming game 15 Pokemon from Generation 1 will be capable to convert to their Mega form

But, it does not necessarily mean, that all 15 Pokemon will convert to Mega Evolution. But three basic pokemon from Generation 1 are confirmed to convert to their Mega Evolution including Blastoise, Charizard, and Venasaur

Now let us discuss the evolutions of these three in detail

Mega Charizard X | Mega Charizard Y – (Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution)

If can evolve the Pokemon to either Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y

While evolving the Pokemon to Mega Charizard X, will convert the Fire/Flying to Fire/Dragon Type while the flames of the Pokemon turns blue

Pokemon Let's Go Mega Evolution

Mega Charizard Y will maintain the Fire/ Flying Type with higher strength and endurance

Mega Blastoise (Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution)

Mega Blastoise gets an additional heavy cannon on its back and its special attack like Hydro pump gets significantly enhanced

Pokemon Let's Go Mega Evolution

Mega Venusaur (Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution)

While evolving to Mega form, Venusaur will learn the ability thick fat. Thick Fat helps to reduce, the power of fire and ice attacks by 50 %

Pokemon Let's Go Mega Evolution


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