Pokemon Go live events schedule to be announced next week

Pokemon Go live events schedule

Niantic games have confirmed that they will announce Pokemon Go live event schedules for 2019 next week.

The news was confirmed on the official Pokemon Go Twitter page which stated that “Looks like you’re going to need a bigger bottle of sunscreen, Trainers. ☀️? In a few days, we’ll be announcing our calendar of live events for 2019! Save the date! April 4.”

Pokemon Go Safari Zone

Safari Zone is one of the most popular Pokemon Go live event which features in cities across the world. The name Safari Zone named on a special location in the first gen Pokemon games where players capture rare Pokemon. This is similar to the region exclusives in Pokemon Go.

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In January 2019, Niantic hosted the first Safari Zone event in South America, specifically in Porto Alegre. The featured Pokemon in that event were gen four starters: Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, and regional exclusive Pokemon Relicanth.

Hosting of Pokemon Go live events in Sentosa, Singapore was a result of the success of the most recent live events.

Pokemon Go live events schedule

Pokemon Go live events schedule

The reference to the need for a bigger bottle of sunscreen could suggest Africa or the Middle East will get their first Pokemon Go live event. However, at this point, this is merely a prediction. It will be interesting to see whether Niantic will stick to the Safari Zone concept or will bring out a new type of live event.