Poliovirus Destroy Cancer Cells and Stop Tumor Regrowth

Duke Cancer Research Institute have modified poliovirus to attack cancer tumours. The modified virus initiates the body own capacity to fight the tumour, by activating an inflammation process that does not let cancer cells to evade immune system

These results has been published in journal Science Translational Medicine. Matthias Gromeier, M.D., a professor in the Duke Department of Neurosurgery stated that they have generic understanding of how the modified poliovirus but not the mechanistic details. Once we find the therapies or steps that will initialize the response of immune system against the cancer cells will help out in patient survival
The research team explained that poliovirus not only attack cancer cells but also inhibits it’s re-growth

It can be split out into two phases firstly the poliovirus get itself attached to the malignant cells which have abundance of C155 protein. The modified virus then begins to attack the tumor cells, in this stage it only kills some amount of tumor cells

Image Source : Dr. Matthias Gromeier & Duke Health
Image Source : Duke Health & Matthias Gromeier, M.D., a professor in the Duke Department of Neurosurgery

In the second phase modified virus ignites the alarm within immune system, alerting the body immune system to make an attack on tumor cells and destroy them. The good thing about the poliovirus is, it stimulates inherent body inflammatory response system against tumor cells


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