traffic increased after the YouTube went Down

408 traffic increased after the YouTube Down

Yesterday, World’s largest video watching and sharing platform YouTube was down, users were not able to access the website nor the app. The service has experienced worldwide instability and forced many people who consume their streaming content to pack something different to do. A lot of people must have left the online world to breathe fresh air, but many others have gone to a different streaming service: PornHub.

The renowned pornographic video site revealed data that showed a spike in access during the fall of YouTube. According to the charts, the increase in service traffic rose to 21% at 11 pm in the Brasilia time zone, noting that YouTube was unstable from 10.30 pm until 11.45 pm.

There was also an unusual increase in the search for certain keywords in PornHub, the largest of which is the term “asmr”, an acronym in English for Independent Sensory Response of Meridian, which is a biological phenomenon characterized by a pleasant sense of pleasure usually felt in the head, scalp or peripheral regions of the body in response to various visual, auditory and cognitive stimuli and which can be obtained by means of videos.

Of course, this type of video can also be found on YouTube, since it does not involve – at least – explicit sex. The increase in “asmr” searches on PornHub was 201% during the fall of Google’s streaming service and, secondly, came the term “youtube”, with 183% growth. Other keywords that have risen in demand were “roleplay” and “stormy daniels”.(porn star who had an affair with President Donald Trump)