Portronics Yogg Plus Water and Dust Resistant fitness tracker launched

Portronics Yogg Plus

Portronics has launched a New fitness tracker dubbed “Yogg Plus”. Fitness tracker like any other tracker is capable of doing a number of activities like it can measure the distance you walked or jogged. The number of calories you burnt as well as it can also keep a record on your sleep cycle.

Portronics Yogg Plus also sends you reminders about the daily goals as well as the notifications of phone calls and the social media alerts. If the band feels you are sitting ideal from a quite long time then it will also remind you to move for better blood circulation.

The fitness tracker can be charged via any normal 5V/500mA USB adaptor by inserting the detachable Yogg Plus dial into the adaptor. The device is also rated IP67 that means it is water and dust resistant.

Portronics Yogg Plus

You have to connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The tracker is fueled by a 45mAh battery and is quite light at 17grams. You can keep all the record of your daily activities and control the band via the VeryFit Pro App.

Portronics Yogg Plus Price :

The Portronics Yogg Plus comes in black color and costs Rs. 2,499, but you can grab the fitness tracker on some online and offline stores as low as Rs. 1699.


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