Well are you a sort of person who wants to have tattoo for fun but want it’s to be washable in a period of time. It is possible now SketchOn a south Korean start-up has developed a temporary tattoo “printer” that can print custom-designed temporary tattoos directly to the skin.

Image Source : Prinker, SketchOn

“Prinker” is a wireless mobile printer that utilises non-toxic ink to print the tattoos, which can last for couple of days. Their idea of using the non-toxic ink is, it is safe for children and goes along with all skin types. It can be helpful for those who wants to get the permanent but want to test on before how the tattoo would look.

Source Video : Prinker (SketchOn)

All you need is the Prinker unit and the smartphone app—available for iOS and Andriod to create any of the custom tattoos.