We will start by saying that Project Cars 2 is the best sequel that can be ever made. The second installment from the house of Slightly Mad Studios is really awesome with a plenty number of four wheels and tracks too, with no nonsense upgrades which make this simulation racing game so fine. And today we will be talking about the new upgrades like the gameplay, graphics, settings, modes and all under the hood things which will finally help you to decide if this game is for you or it is worth buying and all other things.

Image Source : Slightly Mad Studios & Bandai Namco Entertainment

Settings essentials

First of all, if you are having Play Station VR and a wheel with pedal controller, then you will have a great experience, the simulation racing becomes more realistic and fantastic and hives an unforgettable overall experience. Starting with the gameplay, its not to hard to setup a car for a quick race and don’t worry if you don’t know how to do car setups, means you need not to know the car setup settings and all and so we did, and played some amazing races straight out of the box with knowing anything about the car setup, but on progressive gaming you gonna soon do some sort of experiment with the the car setup and you will find how amazing it becomes when you can change the settings under the hood according to your ease, and this is one of the best upgrades we got in this sequel. Actually it depends on the car that you are racing. And as mentioned above, on progressive gaming one has to do the Car setup on his own. In settings options you can easily find all this, how the car handles what the force feedback like, in Edit Setup the under the hood essentials like Tires/Brakes/Chassis, Suspension, Dampers, Engine/Gearing, Differential all can be synchronized according to the player and the setup of all this you don’t need to be an engineer or mechanics, it all become easy on progressive gaming and it is not that hard, it gives the experience of the real gaming, nothing wrong in this at all. Like if are in progression inn the setup of a car and selected Suspension then you have to answer a just a simple question like if you are able to Turn the car on corners, it means you can kinda tell it by the feel you got after handling the car on the circuit. And this is probably that best part of this Sim game. It provides you the all realistic handling but you need not to know any kind of engineer things, to get good at this game. Project Cars 2 provides the best handling experience and you have to make efforts to master this. The Force feedback of this Sim is phenomenally good, and gonna give you a great experience if you are using a wheel and pedal controller. The AI is fully tweak able you can turn it up or turn it down, you can make it aggressive or not too and it has to be tweaked. It can be said that if you want a real experience of gaming then you have to spend time in settings to setup up your car for different tracks.

Image Source : Bandai Namco & Slightly Mad Studios

Gameplay and graphics
Project Cars 2 features more than 140 different track layouts which are real in life and have the same conditions in the game too, from a F1 racing circuit a highway to race on, in 60 different locations around the globe. And 160+ super amazing Cars to race with, from a F1 racing car to a pickup truck, from Ferrari to Maserati, with there real life statistics and possibility is you may not know about some cars before. And more than 30 Game modes to master, from Formula one to free drive racing.


Gaming options include Full Career Mode, which is a progression of this game, you have to race and have e to collect some achievements in this mode to continue the championship, in championship mode you have to achieve top 3 places or you have to repeat that race again, secondly, Single Player, in this you can just have fun by controlling weather, tracks and grids of you own and lastly Multiplayer, this game literally have options in options.You can change the field that you are racing in, you can race against all cars. These things make it so versatile, there something here for everybody, it’s a massively deep game. You can control everything in this game, you can control the track for the race, the gaming mode and also the weather conditions of the track, game features best dynamic weather system that includes everything from terrifying thunderstorms and blizzards, to a hazy summer, with an impressive day/night cycle, which is really amazing. And like a pit crew for the F1 racing cars in real life, Project Cars2 have these too, means if you are finding it hard to handle the car after two to three laps and found a problem or found wear or teared tires, then you can use the pit crew to help, its not automatic, makes it more realistic.


This game seems to be perfect, but the thing is there are some minor issues/bugs related to the AI of the game. AI has spoiled a race by mindlessly crashing into each other at the very first hint of a turn in the road, which was really turned off the excitement created. But these will be stabilized soon by the developers.


Project Cars 2 is just excellent, the features like realistic handling, graphics, native cars, tracks and overall gameplay make it so awesome. If you are a fanatic racer who loves a terrifying Force feedback, gameplay with loads of Cars, and tracks. Then this game is for you, and you must buy this. For the best experience, we recommend to use a VR setup with a wheel and pedal arrangement.

Video Source: Bandai Namco, GamesCon & Slightly Mad Studios


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