Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers, Release Date

Promised Neverland Chapter 101 Spoilers-

Promised Neverland manga is currently recommended by many manga readers but it still has not got any much light from the audience. Promised neverland, a dark fantasy-science fiction based manga and has been penned down by Kaiu Shirai. The manga is looking very consolidated and offers very great storyline. It is a proper blend of mystery and with the strong conceptualization of characters. In this article below, we will talk about the Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers.

Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers

In the chapter 99 spoilers, we have seen a lot of interesting order of events. The humans are going to find the seven walls as they have got a new clue about its location. The humans have started arranging a team which will pursue this clue and find the seven walls.

Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers

Currently, the team which has been finalised to go towards the seven walls includes Ray, Emma, Zack and Violet. But the journey will not be going to be easy because the path towards the seven falls is going to be full of hardships and obstacles. We will also notice some adversities at the human base also. We have also given a hint about a new ally in this chapter and more information about this ally is expected to come out in the next chapter.

Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers

In Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers, we will be revealed more interesting details about the new ally. As we can also see someone battles at the home base where other children are located. But it will be interesting to see, how the Emma and the team will embark on their journey to the seven walls. It will also be interesting to see how this team will face the challenges and obstacles.Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers

Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers

The Promised Neverland Chapter 100 Spoilers will be released on 27th August 2018.


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