Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers, Release Date and Story Plot

Promised Neverland, a dark fantasy-science fiction based manga and has been penned down by Kaiu Shirai. It is one of the best manga to read out for this summer, the storyline of Promised Neverland is turning more and more mysterious, delivering us with a lot of thrills and chills. In this article, we will talk about the previous chapter and Promised Neverland Chapter 99 spoilers.

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers

In the previous chapter, we have observed a flashback from the year 2031. We have seen the cruel side of Ratri and he how painlessly, he was killing people with no discomfort at all. After a moment of flashback, we are taken back to the present time. It is shown that the Ratri and his mates are locating the shelters.

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers – Andrew’s Side?

Also, we have observed that Emma, Adam, Nigel, and others are getting along with each other pretty well. They are doing everything in their context so that this Shelter does not get located. Also, we observe a telephone in the secret room. Emma and others try to contact with the allies. Then we saw Andrew simultaneously calling Ratri and the children. If he would have contacted him at a different time, Ratri would have traced the call. Not sure, but it can be presumed that he is on the kid’s side. Also, Andrew tapped his watch before calling Ratri which seems like morse code. That watch could be some sort of communication device which is similar to a pen Emma was having. Andrew tells Ratri, children have cleared the traces and he did not reveal any information to Ratri which could have to lead him to the kids, instead he kept him distracted so that message could be sent to kids without getting noticed. Or it is on the other side, he could be the next possible villain of the series.

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Spoilers – Mujika might help

In the Promised Neverland chapter 99, we will see a more intriguing story and events unfolding. As in the last chapter we have seen the flashback, the cruelty of Ratri and he is a merciless killer.

As we still not sure of the fact, on which side Andrew belongs to and also dangerous group is still around and threat to the children. We think that Mujika could come to help the Emma and mates. Also, it will be interesting to see what will be Ratri next step, as her unaware Andrew has not revealed about the children trace exactly.

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 Release Date

Promised Neverland Chapter 99 will release on 20th August 2018.