How to Promote New Andriod App ?? Tips, Ways and Solutions

1) Create Landing Page – Make a landing page for your website, which will help people to understand your app and build an audience. You can post infographics, screenshots & showcase feature of your app on the website
2) Make Videos – Every app has it’s features, you can use videos to show its features and post it over your YouTube channel. As YouTube is accessed in every country in their respective languages, it’s a good platform to showcase how your app functions and how does it stands apart from the crowd
3) Google Play Store Optimization– App store optimization is a great tool to get your app discovered on platform where each day thousands of app are published. ASO is a very essential tool for app marketing but often ignored by many. According to report 63 % of android app store and IOS app store app discovery & downloads are based on app search.
Make sure to use keywords in your app which get it’s discoverable faster which can be optimized by Using Google Play Developer Console. It also provides to country based statistical data based on your app downloads, to identify which markets you need to focus on and improve in Conversional Funnel tab. Next you publish app on play store make sure to regularly to check on better keywords based on searches and analysing country based data to hit specific market with a better strategy
4) Contact Bloggers– You can also contact relative bloggers, as in you are publishing a gaming app, you can ask a popular game YouTuber who can connect with your app & authentically review it. Never try to go for fake reviews as it does not stand long. Make sure to take reviews from people & improve on points which are generating negative reviews. As customer get satisfaction is very important in every scope of business.
5) Run a Contest– Well, I am sure you have played many android games which runs weekly or monthly contest to provide extra gems or power ups. It actually keep your customer engage to play extra level in lieu of few gifts
6) Send your app to review websites– There are many sites available that does app reviews, which helps your app get discovered in market such as 148 apps & App Advice which does review and users coming on those websites get to know about new apps

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