If you are not the ones who got the hands-on to the Sony’s PS4 latest closed beta update then its possible you haven’t read this – Beta sign-ups for PS4’s next major firmware update.

The beta was the way for Sony to test the new features before the rollout. Whoever signed up for the closed beta, would have received a PlayStation Network Exclusive Avatar.Features of the closed beta are leaked and we are going to let you all know about it.

  • SuperSampling Mode: Firstly, I think the most needed update comes through which is the “SuperSampling Mode”. Ps4 Pro already has it own boost mode.
PS4's SuperSampling Mode
PS4 5.50v Closed beta featured SuperSampling mode.

Now, this features talks about the image quality of some games on a TV with 2K resolution or lower.It will also change the frame rate but it depends on the games which will be included in this feature.

  • Teams: The other major update is the “Teams”. This feature is my personal favorite as it will allow me to enter the tournament or event by pre-planning teams. You can select the game listed and make your own teams out of it.
  • Delete Purchase History or Hide it: The moment you purchase a game and download it or buy a closed beta, it shows up in your library and in your notifications. Now, its time to delete them, yes you can do that in the latest update if everything goes right.

It is possible to say that these features are being tested by Sony, before making an official announcement.

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