PUBG Mobile 0.9 Update to bring Night Mode, FPP Driving, New Weapons: Read More

PUBG Mobile 0.9 update

PUBG Mobile 0.9 Update –

PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game these days and has already crossed the 100 million downloads milestone and still progressing for another big milestone, as the hype for the game still not going down at all. The popular mobile battle royale has millions of daily active users on both Android and iOS platform. PUBG Mobile has a lot of features, other than good gameplay, and not only this Tencent is working consistently to bring more and exciting features like new maps, and weapons as we have seen in the previous updates for making more engagement of the user. Tencent now is planning to introduce the new PUBG Mobile 0.9 update, and the update has already hit the Beta servers, and hence it is not much away from the official launch. Like you and me, all the PUBG Mobile fans are excited about the new features in the coming update. The good news is that we have some of the leaked information on the features from the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.9 Update.

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PUBG Mobile 0.9 Update Features –


  1. Haunted Mode / Night mode in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update-

The very first feature that will make its way to the new PUBG 0.9 update is the Haunted mode or the Night Mode. The Haunted Mode brings the Halloween theme to the user interface and also the night mode to the game. With the night mode, it will be very hard for the players to see around clearly, hence a more adventurous gameplay. But there is a twist, you can see in the dark with the Night Vision Goggles, which is a new item in the game and can be found only in the battlefield. With which you will be able to get more visuals in the night mode, but it’s not an easy task to find one. You can change the mode, for this go the home page and select Haunted Mode, from the same region where you choose the Classic Mode. This is gonna be fun, I can’t wait to try this new mode.

PUBG Mobile 0.9 update
Night Mode in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update


  1. FPP driving in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update –

Tencent introduced the new FPP mode or the First Person Perspective mode in the previous updates, in which the player can choose between the FPP or the TPP mode to play for the Chicken Dinner. The FPP mode is more competitive as well as fun. Now it’s going to be a more fun, as the FPP driving feature is coming with the new PUBG Mobile 0.9 update. The FPP feature was not enabled while the player is driving any vehicles, but now players can enjoy the driving while with a first-person view, making it more interesting.

PUBG Mobile 0.9 update
FPP Driving in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update

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  1. New Weapons in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update –

The best part about PUBG is its adventurous gameplay and a variety of weapons. And now the new PUBG Mobile update 0.9 is bringing two new weapons. The first weapon is the QBU, which comes under the DMR class, and will be available in Sanhok map in place of Mini 14. Another weapon, which is making its way to the PUBG Mobile is the Beryl M762 which is an assault rifle. Both of the weapons will be available with the new PUBG Mobile 0.9 update.


PUBG Mobile 0.9 update
PUBG Mobile 0.9 update
Beryl M762


4. New Vehicles in PUBG Mobile 0.9 update –

Other than weapons, the most exciting part of the game is the long list of vehicles. And if you love driving vehicle in PUBG you will be loving the new PUBG Mobile 0.9 Update, as Tencent is introducing the new vehicles in the game. The new vehicles include the new scooter and also the new pick-up truck. I just can’t wait to try them out in the PUBG Mobile 0.9 version.

PUBG Mobile 0.9 update
New Weapons

Other than this, there will be other features too, which includes the game optimizations and bug fixes. The official version of the PUBG Mobile 0.9 will be out soon for the Android and iOS users, but for now, there are no dates for the official launch of the PUBG Mobile 0.9 version. Stay tuned for the more leaked features of the PUBG Mobile 0.9 update.