PUBG Mobile update brings the new Arcade Mode.

PUBG Mobile update

It’s been a month when Tencent Games launched the mobile version of the popular PC and console game Player Unknown’s Battle Ground globally for both Android and iOS devices and reached millions of downloads in a week.The game brings you the same Battle Royale experience as in other platforms but with a little less details in visual graphics and some little changes. We observed during the PUBG Mobile Review that game doesn’t possess all features as in the console and PC platforms. But here is update for the PUBG Mobile game and brings some more features, and we will be talking about the same.

PUBG Mobile update!

PUBG Mobile update
New Home Screen Layout.

The new update for the PUBG Mobile comes with a size of 272MB and brings version 0.4.0 to all the devices. So, what’s new in the update?

The first and the biggest feature that developers added to the PUBG Mobile is the new Arcade Mode. In the Arcade Mode there will be 28 players sorted in the teams of 4 or 2 players each and the aim is same, kills others to win. There are some difference in Arcade mode in reference to Classic mode like the Arcade mode is much smaller game takes less time, and it is played on a very small part of the same map. And in every arcade mode there are specific weapons that can be found for each game, like snipers, assault rifles, item heaven, all weapons. This will be indicated in the game, at the bottom right corner. The Arcade mode is really interesting and runs so quick.

PUBG Mobile update

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PUBG Mobile update
Weapon category name, at the bottom right corner. ( Here – SNIPER RIFLES)

Second big feature that is coming with the updated version is the Training Grounds. In which you can try out every weapon available in the PUBG Mobile, the assault rifles to the mighty sniper rifles. And in this mode you can enhance your shooting skills with each weapons and increase your killing accuracy.

PUBG Mobile update
Targets for practice in the Training Grounds mode.
PUBG Mobile update
Variety of weapons can be tried out

Along with these two new features, a lot of other small tweaks have been made. Like the new home screen layout, now door can be opened automatically, the new follow mode, with which you let your avatar automatically follow a particular team mate and may more. Developers also mentioned that the game optimization has also been done. And we really agree, PUBG Mobile needs more optimization for the performance, as the game performance is bad for lower specs devices even on lower graphics settings and also on the devices which the company mentioned.


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