PUBG PC Update 23 Notes- New PUBG Weapon Skorpion Pistol Is Coming Soon

PUBG pc update 23 notes

PUBG is popular among the battle royal games, but slowly the hype is getting low day by day, but not for the PUBG Mobile version. Recently, we have seen that Shroud left streaming PUBG on his Twitch and Youtube channel and start playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 battle royale mode. The developers at PUBG are working to introduce new features to keep engaging the existing fan base. Ahead of the biggest PUBG update of the month, PUBG pc update 23 notes bring the brand new PUBG weapon Skorpion pistol to all the battlegrounds in the game.

PUBG PC Update 23 Notes- New PUBG Weapon Skorpion Pistol

PUBG Corp. informed about the new pistol type weapon in the game, it is called Skorpion, which basically falls under pistol class and works almost like a pocket SMG.

According to the PUBG PC Update 23 notes, it will be the first pistol to support the vertical hand grip. Other than this the standard Skorpion pistol comes with 20 bullets magazine which can be extended up to 40 with an extended mag. The Scorpion people will be compatible with the Red Dot scope and suppressor.

New PUBG weapon Skorpion Pistol

New PUBG weapon Scorpion pistol deals with less damage as compared to other pistols in the game and the stability of the pistol is also low, and won’t be effective beyond 50 m, but according to the developers the automatic pistol will be helpful in short range fights and can be used more like a pocket pistol.

New PUBG Weapon Skorpion Pistol Stats

Skorpion Stats –

Weapon Class: PISTOL
Per Bullet Damage: 22
Ammo Type: 9mm
Effective Fire Range: 50m
Rate of Fire: 650rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s

PUBG pc update 23 notes
This new PUBG weapon has the smallest amount of damage per bullet as compared to all pistols in PUBG but it has the highest initial bullet speed among all Pistol which makes up its disadvantages.

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