Qualcomm reveales detail specifications for flagship ” Snapdragon 845 ” prcocessor


Qualcomm has officially launched its new flagship processor “Snapdragon 845” at the Snapdragon Technology Summit.


. It has Adreno 630 graphics processor, the Spectra 280 signal processor and has  X20 gigabit LTE modem for gigabit data speeds. The processor runs on 10 nm technology which has also seen in Snapdragon 835 but the new Snapdragon 845 can shoot 4K HDR videos and utilizes improved Artificial Intelligence system and algorithm.

The company has promised 30 % acceleration from previous benchmarking, 30 % improve emergency efficiency. The processor has scored complete 100 points on DXO Mark.

Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi have already confirmed to make devices on new processor technology. We will see the phones using new processor in the first quarter of 2018.

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Screenshots of the launch event:

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