How to record screen on iPad 2018

record screen on ipad 2018

Apple recently launched the iPad 2018 with a 9.7 inches retina display. The iPad is comparatively cheaper than the other iPad range like iPad Pro and iPad Air, and it also features an Apple Pencil, which is awesome in this price range. iPad comes with latest iOS 11 with a lot of new features, and here we will be discussing, how to record screen on iPad 2018.The Screen recording feature is inbuilt with the new iOS 11. However to record screen before iOS 11 requires any third party app, but now this can be done easily with the inbuilt feature of iOS 11.

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How to record screen on iPad 2018

STEP 1 –

First of all, go to home screen on your iPad 2018 and swipe up to find the control centre and other widgets in it. In the widgets one will be the widget for the inbuilt record feature of iOS 11, select the icon to start record screen on iPad 2018, the icon for record screen is like a circle with a small thick dot in it.

record screen on iPad

Don’t worry, if the record screen widget doesn’t appear on your device, You just need to follow the below steps to start using record screen feature on your iPad 2018.

STEP 2 –

On your device open the Settings option, and search and select the Control Center option among the others option on the left side. And in Control Center tap on the Customize Control option shown on the right side.

record screen on iPad

STEP 3 –

In the Customize Control, you will be shown all the widgets of the features and functions available in iPad 2018 and also on the top you can see the already selected widgets for the
Control Center.

record screen on iPad

STEP 4 –

Select the record screen widget from the option given below. You need to tap on the plus icon before the record screen feature. Doing this will add the record screen widget to the control centre.

record screen on iPad

STEP 5 –

To start with the procedure for record screen on iPad 2018, you have to simply tap on the record screen widget, for this simply swipe up on the home screen and in Control Center tap on the record screen icon. The record screen feature will start recording everything on your iPad 2018 screen after a 3 seconds timer.

The recording can be stopped easily, for this just tap on the widget again in the control centre or tap on the red portion at the top of the screen and the recorded video will be saved automatically and can be found in the photos.

record screen on iPad

So, that’s all about how to record iPad 2018 screen. If you have any further queries, then feel free to comment below, We would love to help you.


How to record iphone screen with official way in iOS 11


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