Respawn banned 350,000 Apex Legends cheaters/hackers

Apex Legends hackers

Respawn has declared a full-fledged war against Apex Legends hackers/cheaters. In a Reddit post, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette announced they had banned 350,000 Apex Legends cheaters through Anti-Easy-Cheat alone on PC.

Respawn is continuously working on improvements in the game to fight against the cheaters. ” Cheaters are crafty, and we don’t want them to see us coming.” “Scaling up our anti-cheat team, so we have more dedicated resources.” Frechette Said.

War against Apex Legends cheaters

He also revealed that they are working directly with experts both within and outside of EA keep shadows of cheaters away from the game. They are also adding report feature on PC to report cheaters directly to Easy-Anti-Cheat.

Meanwhile, Frechette acknowledged spammers during character select and drop and then disconnecting. “We’re keeping a lot of our strategy close to the chest, so offenders don’t have time to build workarounds before we implement changes. Frechette said.”Solutions won’t happen right away, but we’re on it.”

After Nvidia, Respawn will visit AMD next week to work upon the stability and performance issues on PC. They will also release a patch for PC to address some issues. “In the next client patch on PC we will be addressing some of the known crashes, but there will still be work to do as we haven’t nailed down all crashes yet.”

Currently, Respawn is not working on reconnect feature because of a lot of risks in it. They want to spend their time on fixing stability issues instead of gathering resources, testing and releasing it.

At last, Frechette also commented on slow server performance at the start of matches. He and Respawn are well aware of this issue and they are currently working on it.”We’re just rolling up our sleeves and digging in. We’ll keep you updated on any progress we make.”