Rimac Concept 2 fastest electric car on earth beats Tesla Roadster

Once we believed how we will achieve the good speeds with electric cars, but this jinx was broken by Tesla Roadster with it’s supreme performance and speed.

But Elon Musk be cautious, someone is really getting ahead in the race of electric cars in the terms of speed. Yes, you have heard right the Rimac Concept 2 is really breaking the ground barriers for electric cars. With the power of 4 electric motor generating the total power of 2000 HP giving the car stunning acceleration and speeds.

Rimac Concept 2

The Rimac Concept 2 has waged a new war in the world of electric cars with it’s beast powers shattering all the records.

The concept car will likely to become the reality this year. The striking elements of this car are stunning exterior equipped with carbon fibre. It will receive 4 set of engines with the total power of 1914 HP which is clearly double from the company’s last car which wad 1073 HP. The car will have an acceleration from 0-100 in 1.85 seconds which is enough to crack down the acceleration of Tesla’s Roadster.

Rimac Concept 2

In terms of top speed, this car can goes upto 410 km/hr which will be the fastest speed attained by an consumer electric car till date. It has batteries support of a total of 120 kWh which can give a drive upto 650 kilometers. As it is a car of future, the car will be equipped with LIDAR sensors and multiple cameras.

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