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FIFA world cup is over now, but you can still enjoy soccer at your home. We all have played FIFA game on our PC or consoles, which allows us to be Messi or our favourite player and scoring sensational goals in the video game.

But today we will talk about a video game Rocket League in which you can play soccer by Supersonic Acrobatic rocket-powered cars. The game allows you to play soccer and score goals against the opposing team with the help of the variety of high-flying vehicles.

Unlike, Fifa games this game doesn’t favour the laws of physics as cars can hit the ball with gravity-defying moves. The giant ball can go anywhere like the billiard game after hitting curve walls of the stadium which makes trouble to catch it. Whenever a goal is scored, a colour explosion sends the car flies away, and it is so spectacular and unavoidable.

In Rocket League, cars can climb up the side of the arena and fly to shoot the giant ball from above. Like player’s in Fifa, cars can perform various tricks like Bicycle kick by moving sidewards and can pull off a header by hitting upwards. A little mistake in the game can change the momentum of the match in favour of opponents. This combination of car and soccer is magnificent.

Rocket League Discount Game Deal

You can enjoy this game in single and multiplayer mode. Enhancement of the game remains the same in the single-player mode as its AI gives a nail-biting competition like in online mode. You can also enjoy it in four-players local co-op mode in split screen mode.

These days lot of Esports competition is taking place under the banner of Rocket League game. This game is immensely popular in the colleges of United States, hence a lot of esports tournaments of Rocket League are being organised between the colleges.

Rocket League Discount Game Deal

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Rocket League Discount Game Deal

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