Russia Wants to Build a Hotel on the International Space Station


If you are interested in visiting Space and ever wanted to stay in Space for couple of days,Then here is some Good news for you.And remember that it will not be cheap.

Russia ISS Hotel:

According to reports, the Russian space agency is planning to build a hotel on the International Space Station. The Hotel might be called “HOTEL ISS”,However this name is not offical.The hotel will provide patrons with private rooms with large windows, personal hygiene facilities, exercising equipment, and even Wi-Fi so that you are connected to internet to share experience on your social profiles.

A week long stay aboard this hotel is priced at $40 million; although, patrons can pay an additional $20 million to get a accompanied-spacewalk with a cosmonaut, along with an extended month-long stay aboard the station.

Before building the hotel however, Russian agencies need to get at least 12 passengers who are willing to shell $4 million up front right now, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over the development of the hotel. Plus, the agency needs to ensure that the hotel is completed well before the currently decided 2024 decommissioning date for the station.

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