Russo Brothers sarcastically teases fight between Thanos & Night King

Russo Brothers teases fight between Thanos and Night King

Avengers Endgame has become a phenomenal success at the global box office with $1.2 billion collection, and it has taken the silver screen by storm. The movie gave us a moment of a lifetime when we saw the Avengers battling against the mightiest villain Thanos on the big screen. But on the small screen, another formidable villain, Night King is ready to take on Winterfell and Jon Snow’s army.

Game of Thrones is immensely popular worldwide, and it has a similar following to Marvel. Today, in Game of Thrones Episode 3, the Battle of Winterfell will take place which is the longest ever battle scene filmed for the small screen.

It looks like the Russo brothers are also keeping up with Game of Thrones, as they have shared a fan art where both of these formidable villains are standing in front of each other with their weapons.

The Russo Brothers have presented a very interesting thought with their hashtag on the shared fan art. It says #WeWannaSeeThisFight, which means the Russo Brothers would love to see the fight between Thanos and the Night King.

However, this is just a sarcastic caption from the Russo Brothers, as the battle between both villains is not possible practically.


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