At least 1 million foldable phones will be mass-produced ; Samsung’s mobile chief

Samsung Foldable phone showcased

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has showcased its first foldable smartphone at the developer’s conference held a few days ago. During the presentation, As reported by Yonhap News (translated), the company’s mobile chief D J Koh pointed out that the foldable smartphone of the company will be mass produced in the coming months and the at least one million of the smartphones will be manufactured.

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The Mobile chief also mentioned that the form factor of the foldable smartphone might not be able to replace the traditional smartphones but the design could lead to improving the design of the displays for future smartphones. Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be initially released in the first half of next year.

Samsung Foldable phone showcased

The difference between the Samsung Folding Phone is to pursue the optimal UX (user experience) , battery, and lightweight. We met with Google CEO Sundae Pichal two months ago and organized a task force for the folder blueprint UX, and by distributing prototypes to developers on this day, we will create an optimal experience before launch.”-DJ Koh, CEO, Samsung Mobile

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