Samsung Showcased its first foldable Smartphone at Developers conference

Samsung Foldable phone showcased

The Samsung’s foldable smartphone was rumored from last year and today During the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 held in San Francisco (USA), Samsung has unveiled its foldable smartphone for the first time. The device, however, did not appear entirely – only its foldable screen was visible.

On Opening, the device is a small tablet with approximately 7 “display. Closed, it works like an ordinary smartphone, with a second external screen that can be used as a mobile phone.

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The template closes with the screen inward, and there is no type of seam visible when it is open. It’s really a unique flexible screen. On the outside, the smaller screen works on the same interface, synchronously. That way, the open apps on the larger one are shown in the smaller one when you make the transition.

Samsung Foldable phone showcased

In the larger display, it will be possible to use up to three apps simultaneously, without switching between windows. The Google , however, is working with Samsung to inform developers present on working on their apps for the new screen format.

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Although it was the first company to “present” a functional product with a foldable screen, several other manufacturers are working on the same concept as Samsung. Even Xiaomi and Lenovo have already started showing their own devices.

Samsung Foldable phone showcased

Other smartphone makers like the LG, Huawei, Motorola and many other companies are also working on similar products, but we do not have any relevant information on the status of those devices.

The device has not yet been released commercially. Therefore, we have no details on price or release date, nor do we know the product design.

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