Samsung Galaxy S10 to Ditch the Iris Scanner, Leaks Confirm

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In yet another news out of the Korean giant’s wheelhouse, Samsung Galaxy S10 will not have an iris scanner. 3D Face Unlock technology (like FaceID) and in-display fingerprint scanner will probably fill the void. Here’s why Samsung Galaxy S10 to Ditch the Iris Scanner.

Why did Samsung ditch the Iris Scanner?

Samsung has always treated its flagship Galaxy S lineup with utmost care. These phones have been a display of Samsung’s capabilities and continue to include best-in-class technology available for their time. It is no surprise that it was time for iris scanner to go. The iris scanner is a secure method to unlock your phone, although at times it can be unreliable. Better, faster and more reliable bio-metric security technologies have been developed. It has been a part of the Galaxy series since Note 7, and it is about time it went away.

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The confirmation comes from a Korean site ‘The Bell’, which noted that Samsung didn’t order a single iris scanner for its Galaxy S10 prototype. The news is more than indicative of the death of the iris scanner.
A few more reports by The Bell suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S10 features a 3D Face Unlock technology. Moreover, it will have an in-display fingerprint scanner to complement the face-scanner.

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A few more Galaxy S10 leaks

The Galaxy S10 lineup is code-named ‘Beyond’, and is rumored to have a 5.8-inch screen, with the plus version going all the way up to 6.3-inch. Samsung Galaxy S10 demarcates the 10th device in the company’s flagship history and you can surely expect Samsung to make it as flamboyant as it can. Some sources suggest it might even have triple rear cameras, a notch-less display and even piezoelectric speakers like Xiaomi Mi Mix.

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Our Take

These all obviously are rumors and source reports. Samsung is still in the early stages of prototyping and may not include many of these features. Only time will tell what we receive and what we don’t. Yet we are sure that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a device that the history will not forget.