Samsung Galaxy S9 will have enhanced Iris Scanner and FACE ID Technology

Galaxy S9 Mini

Samsung will be launching its next flagship S9 and S9 Plus in March 2018, but the Korean manufacturer wants to do their homework on FACE ID and Iris Scanner Technology

Recent hacks of Apple iPhone X Face ID, has urge to make the facial recognition technology more secure.

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Samsung claims that they have optimized iris scanner and face recognition through software update, as the security of the Face ID will not improve unless 3D camera is installed on the phone.

It will have the same hardware for iris scanner and face recognition, which is already on Galaxy S8. The front camera of the Galaxy S9 will be able to detect only in 2D, will do facial and iris recognition with mere simple photo as done in previous model. Hence, in terms of security fingerprint scanner does more justice to its users.

The Face ID technology need to more secure, as the flaws with this security feature can do hefty damaged, if phones of government officials and billionaires got cracked down by criminals