Samsung Galaxy S9 will be more frameless and will be introduced in January 2018


Samsung electronics next flagship phone phone Galaxy S9 is coming early in January 2018. The Korean manufacturer will leave no stone unturned, to gather back it’s market share which shifted with release of iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be more frameless

According to a source, Galaxy S9 will be frameless more than it’s predecessor. The previous Galaxy S8 was having 84 % of it’s screen frameless whereas Galaxy S9 will be receiving additional 6 %. It will have 90 % of frameless screen. The frame will be more narrower at the top and bottom of the mobile. The lower panel will almost not be present on Galaxy S9 and upper panel will be thinner than Galaxy S8.

Samsung can showcase Galaxy S9 and S9 plus in CES 2018, which will held from 9th-12th January. But however, the press launch of the phones may occur in March, following the tradition for previous launches of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus.