Samsung Galaxy Watch details leaked on official website accidentally

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch details leaked on official website accidentally

Along with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy watch is also is news from a couple of months, Earlier today, Samsung’s official website suddenly appeared an unreleased smartwatch product, model number SM-R810.

It’s worth noting that unlike the name of Samsung’s previous Gear series, the watch is called Galaxy Watch on the official website, but this is not surprising. It is also reported that Samsung will abandon Gear and use a new naming method.

Samsung Galaxy watch leaked on official website

The leaked Galaxy Watch is a 42mm dial with a rose gold colour and a special Bluetooth version, which seems to imply that the device will be available in a cellular version.

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The official website leaked information is very limited, clicks did not respond, the existence time is quite short, has been deleted, but fortunately, the device is expected to launch with Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, consumers do not have to wait too long.

Samsung Galaxy watch leaked on official website

Falling in line with the earlier set of leaks, Samsung is going to use the Panel Level Packaging process to cram more tech into the device. This means better internals, more battery life ( rumoured to be upgraded to 470 mAh up from Gear S3’s 380 mAh ). It will have built-in LTE for a hassle-less experience. Also, this will also help in reducing the costs and hence may make the new Galaxy Watch cheaper than its predecessor.

Another surprising news is that Samsung may move away from the Tizen OS for the new SmartWatch and go with Google’s Wear OS. However, only a few weeks left for August 9, So we should not create a buzz around, instead sit back and relax until the launch event to take place, where the wraps will also be taken of the Note 9.

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