Samsung new GDDR6 memory reach 16 Gbps and get CES 2018 award

Samsung has received the award for GDRR6 memory from CES 2018, the annual show will commence in January, but the Samsung has already received awards for its varied technologies and products from CES 2018.

GDDR6Samsung  has developed 16 GB/s GDDR6 memory, earlier  Samsung official Jin Kim told that this memory will be more faster and efficient than present GDDR5 and GDDR5X memory.


GDDR6 memory processes the image and video data at 16Gbps with 64GB/s data I/O bandwidth.

If  we compare up the graphic cards we can see that  GDDR5 goes up to 9Gbps and GDDR5X in the GTX 1080 goes up to 10Gbps, whereas the premium graphic card 1080Ti goes up to 11 Gbps

GDDR6Use of GDDR6 in graphic cards with a 256-bit bus will provide the bandwidth (PCI) up to 512 GB / s and 768 GB/ s on 384-bit bus.

Even though this new memory has higher performance than its predecessors still it consumes less power. It  operates at 1.35V whereas GDDR5 operates at 1.5V for 8Gbps

SK Hynix, the ram manufacturer has announced the release of GDDR6 chips in early 2018 and will be built on 21 nm process.  NVIDIA will release the graphic  cards with GDDR6 memory working on its new Volta Architecture.


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