Samsung graphene battery can be housed in Galaxy S10

Samsung graphene battery can be housed in Galaxy S10

You might also be very disappointed and know the facts that how uncomfortable it is to have a device that does not last for a long time. In November last year, the Korean giant Samsung received a patent of something very interesting to solve this problem: a solution made with graphene that can make batteries last up to 45% longer than current lithium batteries.

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Now, almost a year later, it looks like the company has the new batteries finally developed, ready to be marketed next year and Samsung could become the first company to roll out devices with a graphene battery with the upcoming Galaxy S10.

In addition to the clear benefits of battery life, graphene has another advantage: solutions made of this substance can be charged about 5 times faster than current solutions. In practice, this means that if a lithium battery takes 1 hour to reach a given battery level, graphene would only take 12 minutes to reach the same charge.

Samsung graphene battery can be housed in Galaxy S10

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For now, the cost of producing graphene batteries is still high if compared to lithium. However, the graphene also does not explode – which would avoid the episodes that occurred involving the Galaxy Note 7.