Satsuriko No Tenshi: Angels Of Death Episode 3 Review

Angels Of Death Episode 3 Review

Satsuriko No Tenshi aka Angels Of Death episode 3 has been aired. It continues the story of Rachel and her temporary partner Jack in search of an exit from the building of death where every floor is taken by respective owners only find happiness in killing their guests.

Angels Of Death Episode 3 ( Satsuriko No Tenshi Episode 3 )

The episode begins with Rachel’s investigation on 4th floor. When she starts entering in a room behind the graveyard, Zack encounters Eddie aka Eddison Mason, the owner of the B4 floor and mastermind behind all the creation of graves.

Satsuriko No Tenshi Episode 3


He expresses his love for Rachel and wants to give her a peaceful death that’s why he made a grave in advance for her. Eddie mocks Zack for destroying the graves. Zack tries to kill Eddie but Eddie suddenly disappears in darkness as he controls light sources in the graveyard.

On the other hand, Rachel tries to figure out in the room and suddenly Eddie appears in front of her and purposes his love of killing her. He tries to convince her to let him kill her. In search of Rachel, Zack reaches a room which is behind at the room where Rachel is with Eddie. He reminds her of the promise she made in the 5th floor while Eddie also tries to convince her in a romantic way.

Satsuriko No Tenshi Episode 3 Review

Rachel denies Eddie’s offers and tells Zack to break the wall and help her to escape from the 4th floor. The two arrives in the power room in search of Elevator for 3rd floor. There they encounter Eddie again who tries to kill Rachel. He turns off the light of the power room and tries to perform a sneak kill on Zack. Zack tells Rachel to find the switch.

Angels Of Death Episode 3

In search of Switch, she reaches a grave decorated with beautiful flowers. Eddie tries to throw her in that grave but she quickly steals switch from him and pushes him in the grave. With the light being on Eddie remains powerless. Without showing a mercy, Zack killed him and both move toward the elevator.

Satsuriko No Tenshi Episode 3 Review

Once again anime offers a great animation with creepy music to increase thriller. Episode 3 gives a little hint about its plot setting where owners of respective floors in the building kill everyone whose visit there. But Jack is the only person who wants to get out from there.

The moment when Jack kills Eddie without any hesitation was a perfect brutal moment. He could kill anyone to get out of the building except Rachel. His will of getting out of there and Rachel’s changed will to die is making them a perfect partner for the current situation in anime.

Angels Of Death Episode 3

The end of the episode 3 left us with a cliffhanger without unveiling 3rd-floor owner that make us keep thinking about the 3rd-floor owner. Anime has a lot to reveal about Jack’s past and his will to get out of the building and how Rachel reached to the building. If you have played Angels Of Death game then you should know the owner’s name.

Satsuriko No Tenshi Episode 4 is going to be more thriller episode as the creepy owner of the third floor will take on Rachel and Jack with surprise.