Good News for OnePlus 6 Users who Faced Screen Flickering issue

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Good News for OnePlus 6 Users who Faced Screen Flickering issue

Oneplus 6 was launched back in May this year and is an awesome device with top-notch specifications and modern design. But, Recently a few users complaint an issue that their phone’s screen was flickering sometimes.

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The Users who underlined the issue have adaptive brightness enabled on their devices and said that their screen was flickering on making slight movements. The issue was maximized when the background on the screen was white or have other bright colours. But the issue is only when the adaptive brightness is enabled, so you can disable the feature until the issue gets resolved.

Oneplus 6 screen flickering issue

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However, Here is good news for all those users who faced the issue. OnePlus mentioned in a post than an OTA update will be rolled out soon that will optimize the adaptive brightness and the flickering screen issue on OnePlus 6 should end.

The August security patch for the device is also delayed and it may be that the OnePlus pushes a single update which will bring the latest security update and also solves the screen flickering issue on OnePlus 6.

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source: OnePlus


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