Secret reload animations discovered in Apex Legends

apex legends secret reload animations

Apex Legends has taken the gaming community with by storm since it’s launch. It has made a record of fastest 50 million players than Fortnite did. Amid the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the players, respawn is also getting reports of crashes and hacking. To tackle cheating, Respawn has already banned 350K cheaters on PC.

Secret reload animations in Apex Legends

As already announced, Apex Legends season 1 will be launch later this month. Ahead of the release, some data miners have already leaked new legends and some features coming to the game. Now, some players have found a mystery reload animation in the game.

A post from Reddit user ‘DuhSheet’ caught the attention of the community. Clip in his post shows a mysterious reload animation when using G7 Scout.

Rare reload animation for the G7! I wonder how many are out there? from apexlegends

As shown in the clip, when the player shot down the whole magazine and began to reload, the animation got triggered.

This is not a normal animation that players have seen until now in the game. Titanfall 2 players are referring this as an easter egg from the Titanfall 2’s G2A5 battle rifle as G7 Scout is inspired by G2A5.

Another clip from a Reddit user ‘PSN-xsXex’ highlights reload animation for Peacekeeper shotgun amid fight.

The reload animation made this feel so much more badass! from apexlegends

These two clips made players excited to witness some more animation.