Fortnite has become the most popular game in recent time and now the launch of the mobile version of the game has boosted its prominence.

After the launch of the game on the 12th March only those players were able to play in its invite only-launch who were sent special emails. This result to make the players wait for their invitation.

But now there is another way for users to play the game without waiting for the invitation.On 16th Epic Games announced that in the Fortnite mobile, the users who already had access to the game can now invite their friends to the game. They can invite their friends via a special feature that is enabled in the game.

The official  email:

Here are steps of the process to send the invitation the friends:

“How to Send your Friend Invites:

  1. Launch Fortnite on your mobile device.
  2. Sign In with your registered account.
  3. At the Lobby Screen, tap the Friend Invite Button.
  4. Click the share button to send the invite link to your friends.”

Invite To Friends On Fortnite

But there only three limited invites per person now but these can be increased in near future.

Invite To Friends On Fortnite

This new feature was not in the game at the time of release but now with this feature enabled you can invite your three friends to play the game.

Images’ source: FortniteInsider

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