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Seven Tamil 2019 movies

Young artist Havish’s latest thriller, Seven, has made quite a buzz over the last few days thanks to the steamy video songs and a suspenseful trailer. Five young beauties acting in the film became the USP of Seven 2019 Tamil movie. The film has finally hit theaters worldwide this morning. Let’s see how it fared.

On a stormy night, an IT professional Ramya (Nandita Sweta) goes to the police headquarters to give a complaint on her missing spouse Karthik (Havish). Furthermore, ACP Vijay (Rahman) is shocked as he got a same grumbling from another lady Jenny (Anisha Ambrose) who had claims Karthik as her husband. When he digs, he finds that a deaf and mute woman (Aditi Arya) from Hyderabad had given a missing complaint about her husband Karthik. At last, Vijay catches Karthik and puts him behind the bars. A patient from an assylum comes and says that he isn’t Karthik but Krishna Moorthy, a stage artist who died three decades prior.

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Meanwhile, one more lady Priya (Trida Chowdary) turns up stating that Karthik is her legal husband in this way entangling the case. Karthik is likewise connected to an incident during the 90s that includes Saraswathi (Regina Cassandra). How Rahman disentangles the case shapes the core.

The film is basically dependent on Regina and her character despite the fact that there are five additional actresses in the cast.And to give her the credit Regina who appears post interval in the flashback portions does her complex role with aplomb. In any case, in an immature character, her potential isn’t completely exploited.
Rahman as the boozing cop is adequate.

Seven 2019 Movie HD

Seven Tamil 2019 movies
Nizar Shafi, the cinematographer turned movie producer sparkles each piece and create glossy visuals. However, the same can’t be said of his directorial abilities. The content had all the potential for a connecting with spine chiller. In any case, it is in the screenplay portrayal where Shafi fails.

There are several twists and turns, but you’d have to downright suspend your brain to believe most of it.

Seven 2019 Movie HD

Seven Tamil 2019 movies

The suspense-filled story and the interesting flashback episodes are the major highlights in Seven. Timely twists and how one girl’s story is linked to the other one keep the audiences engaging at times. Mistaken identity, multiple personality disorder and doppelganger are some of the interesting elements the screenplay touches upon.