Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 10 Review

Ban’s and Zhivago’s Past

Training Against Ten Commandments

The latest episode of Seven Deadly Sins has been aired. Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 10 Review was mainly portrayed in Ban’s past, and it was slipt into the two halves. The first half was rather emotional with the backstory of Ban & Zhivago and their struggle and the second one was about the training of deadly sins and holy knights which featured some good fighting scenes.

In the starting of the episode, we saw King was very angry at Hendricks for what he did to Helbram. As Hendricks accepted his mistake but his main priority is to protect Lioness from ten commandments. On the other side, we joined Bun, Jericho, and the Ware-Fox again, telling the story of their past. We finally saw the full backstory of Ban with the thief Zhivago. Ban was mistreated by his parents even they didn’t give him food so he was always hungry. One day on the lookout for food, he was kidnapped by a man and a woman. They were going to sell him to Lady Roxane. But later on, he was saved by Zhivago, who was a thief. He gave him food, a hideout and also taught him how to steal.

He knew that Ban will never be able to be part of the normal human society as him. After some time, Ban asked Zhivago about his son. Zhivago simply replied Bam that his son looks like him. Both became good friends and used to work together. But one day, there was an incident, Zhivago had two options, he decided to leave Bam, who was being beaten after a failed stealing attempt, in order to save his son, who was threatened to killed by some soldiers, who had found his hideout. Back to the present, Ban realized his mistake and he hugged Zhivago, which was a very heartful reunion.

Let’s back on the previous side, Deadly Sins and Holy Knights trained in a team. The team had to go in pairs inside a magical cave where they faced different kinds of monsters and they had to fight with them with a wooden stick.

We saw some good fighting scenes by Holy Knight Gil Thunder and Howzer against the monster.

Outside the cave, King didn’t want to train with them, but later on, he thought about Diana and decided to train with the others. However, at first, he had to pair with Hendrickson, but Meliodas intervened and both of them enter the cave to face some monsters. Inside the cave, King was sceptical of Meliodas’ past in the Demon Clan and with the Ten Commandments. He was not sure if his captain was really with Seven Deadly Sins or with Ten Commandments. So he decided to fight against his captain.

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