Shingeki No Kyojin, Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 110 Spoilers

Attack On Titan Chapter 110 Spoilers

Almost one month has been passed since the release of Attack On Titan chapter 109 it means we will see the next chapter in a few days. But before that massive leaks regarding Attack On Titan Chapter 110 has been out. So, let’s discuss Attack On Titan manga chapter 110 spoilers.

Shingeki No Kyojin, Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 110 Spoilers

Attack On Titan Chapter 110 Spoilers

These are the translation of leaked images of Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 110.

PG 1-4

  • They’re setting up the gas/mist and deploying it onto the poor unsuspecting villagers. It rolls in like a heavy fog.
  • Title is as I mentioned before, 「偽り者」// Itsuwari Mono (Impostor/Liar). Will probs waffle on it until I set my script at the end.
  • Zeke next to Pieck’s sexy alluring eyeball graces the cover. Two gas-masked accomplices and Zeke.
  • Zeke imbued the gas with his spinal fluid. It makes the villager’s bodies rigid immediately and they lose control of their bodies. Then they fall unconscious. Subjects of Ymir only have to breathe in a small amount.
  • Blargh something about the path and coordinate etching mechanism that Zeke can’t explain well. He controls them as the intermediary through paths.
  • Zeke screamed in human form, though.
  • Giant ball of light and everyone titanizes. Our favourite giant-eyeball one is there!

PG 5-6

  • Levi and Zeke are making some type of stew dinner over a campfire. How romantic!

PG 7-12

  • More Pixis and Yelena convo. They’re having some tea on a balcony.
  • Yelena looks shady AF with her back on the wall. The building is ratchet and crumbly. Totally looks like Eren in that long jacket from behind.
  • Next page: That’s totally Eren in this flashback on the full frontal view.
  • Oh hey, Onyankopon is shuffling a deck of cards!

Attack On Titan Manga Chapter 110 Spoilers

Attack On Titan Chapter 110 Spoilers

PG 13-17

  • Snack and tea time with Hanji and Onyankopon.
  • Rando armed guard sitting afar eating an apple beneath a tree.
  • Hanji gets all up Onyankopon’s his face.
  • Flashback panels to Yelena point-blank headshotting that one fodder guy.

PG 18-20

  • Annie and her crystal pyre.
  • Armin tried to touch her crystal.
  • Hitch’s newspaper megaphone scares him…Tehehehe. Panic tears. Then chat and walk along the perimeter hallway for a while.

PG 21-36

  • Angry mob of people yelling about Eren and Eldian Empire.
  • Mikasa and Armin knock on the building door where Zackley is.
  • Zackley looking out the grand window. Papers strewn all over his desk.
  • Basically back and forth about what the plans are for Eren.
  • PG 26. There’s our shit-machine.
  • Mikasa is like “What… is that?”. Zackley is like “Don’t worry about it.” Shifty eyes.
  • They exit and another group of three people go in.
  • Armin grabs Mikasa’s arm because he wants her to wait. No matter what, she wants to go off and get Eren, right?
  • BOOM.
  • Mikasa pushes Armin out of the way. It breaks the giant window.
  • Zackley defenestration.
  • Scared crowd right outside sees his half-intact body.
  • SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO from the crowd.

PG 37-39

  • Meeting with Jerkface Rogue (I think) and Niles + other people in their unit with Hanji, Mikasa, Armin

PG 40

  • Oh whelp. They get news that Eren’s made a break for it.
  • How nice. He even sealed up the hole that he made in the cell!

PG 41-42

  • Oh man. Sexy barefoot walking Eren.
  • It looks like really misplaced false eyelashes or running mascara. But it’s just his post-titanization eye bags.
  • He meets up with a group of people.
  • They present him with a long cloak (I think that’s Flocke).

PG 43


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