Shopping Cart In Fortnite Has Been Disabled In Game Again

Shopping Cart In Fortnite

Epic Games has temporarily disabled Shopping Cart in Fortnite once again after encountering several issues. Yesterday, official Fortnite twitter released an information regarding the non-availability of the shopping carts in the game for some time.

Fortnite Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart In Fortnite

Fortnite is that Battle Royal game which doesn’t feature any vehicle because of the relatively small map than other Battle Royal games. But Epic Games always introduce many things to make the travel easier. Bounce Pads, Jump Pad, Jetpacks and Shopping carts are the means of transport for the Fortnite Gamers. After coming of the Shopping Cart is Fortnite, the players invented many ways to save their travel time due to its anti-physics nature.

The shopping cart is handy to transport for two persons to save themselves from the storm. One Player can stand on its pit and other can push it. Shopping cart made jumping from high hills very easier as jumping with shopping cart doesn’t damage a player.

One of the most use of the cart was to reach the spawn island in a match. Many Players managed to go there by building large bridges with materials and using carts to reach across the sea.

Last time it took only 24 hours for Epic Games to address the same issues regarding the Shopping carts. So, let’s hope that we will able to use the shopping cart very soon.