New Update lets Siri Message on Whatsapp Group, show images on Whatsapp Notification

siri message on whatsapp group images on whatsapp notification

Apple users received a new Whatsapp update. The new update reportedly lets Siri message on Whatsapp group. Another feature lets you view GIFs and images on Whatsapp notification. Let’s dive in!

Whatsapp on iPhone has been pretty consistent with it’s updates. Sometimes pushing new features before the Android version. Whatsapp is generally known to update in small increments, carefully integrating small features into the app. There are no “huge” updates. Yet with each update, Whatsapp becomes better, maybe slowly, but consistently. The latest iPhone update is an example.

siri message on whatsapp group images on whatsapp notification

Siri is a voice assistant which iPhone owners love (they don’t have any other option though). It can do many things, one of them being able to send messages. Most of the major apps support Siri. Whatsapp is the latest addition to the list. Note that Whatsapp already had the ability to use Siri’s input to send message. But Whatsapp restricted it to just Direct messages. Now Whatsapp has finally introduced Siri message on Whatsapp Group. You can ask Siri to type up a message and send it to any group you want. It’s very convenient and really handy in situations when you cannot physically access your phone.

The reason it took so long for Whatsapp to add such a trivial feature was Whatsapp’s commitment to message privacy. According to Whatsapp, the only two people who know about a message are the sender and the receiver. An encryption mechanism works in the background to ensure that not even other apps can access these messages locally. It becomes that much more complex when Whatsapp Groups are involved. That’s why it might have taken Whatsapp so long to integrate Siri into the group chats.

siri message on whatsapp group images on whatsapp notification

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Aside from it, Whatsapp added another cool feature to view GIFs and images on Whatsapp notification. Many a times we do not have time to open a chat on Whatsapp so we just open it through notifications and read content from therein. Sometimes we receive a picture and it forces us to open the app. Not anymore, as now you can easily view that image and swipe the notification away.

These new updates might seem to be trivial but they will be helpful in the long run. The Siri Message on Whatsapp group will especially be useful. As for GIFs and images on Whatsapp notification, Android users will soon get the update. We absolutely can’t wait for Whatsapp to add more such features!