Black Ops 4 $30 Melee Weapon slammed by Sledgehammer Games Co Founder

Sledgehammer Games Co Founder slams Black Ops 4 New Home Wrecker Melee Weapon Photo

Treyarch is facing the backlash from the Black Ops 4 Community after it has released the new and controversial Triple Play Bundle on March 26. On March 27, the Sledgehammer Games co-founder and former Studio Head, Michael Condrey, slammed the Black Ops 4 $30 Melee weapon.

In case you don’t know, in the latest Black Market, there is a special offer for 2800 COD, which is around $30. In that bundle, there is a weapon crate, 10 cases, 10 tiers and the new ‘Home Wrecker’ melee weapon. Since the main part of the Triple Play Bundle is the new Ultra Melee weapon, the players seem to dislike Treyarch’s idea of putting the new item behind a bundle and that too with a high price.

Black Ops 4 Home Wrecker Melee Weapon slammed by Sledgehammer Games Co-Founder

In response to a tweet joking about the CoD titles being fed by the microtransactions, the Sledgehammer Games co-founder, Michael Condrey, slammed the Black Ops 4 melee weapon. He clarified that a digital weapon, priced $30 would never happen in his game. Check out his reply below:

The twitter users applauded his reply and were happy at him denouncing the latest microtransactions in Black Ops 4. Though, it will be interesting to see how Michael Condrey will approach the topic of microtransactions in his next project. Stay tuned to get the latest updates related to CoD and its community.