Smallfoot Movie Review, Adorable world of Yetis above the clouds

Smallfoot Movie Review

Smallfoot is an absolute delight, taking you to the civilization of Yetis and their culture. Living in peaceful mountains above the clouds Yetis follows the strict rules inscribed in the stones by their ancestors. It follows the story Migo (Channing Tatum) who fortuitously discovers a smallfoot (human) and tries to unfold its obscure existence.

The movie is based on the book Yeti Tracks by animator Sergio Pablos and its amazing visual graphics makes the movie a perfect watch for the kids this weekend.

When Migo tries to tell the fellow Yetis about the legendary Smallfoot(human) existence, the Stonekeeper (Common) dismisses him from the Yetis village. Afterwards, Migo joins a secretive group called as Small Evidentiary Society led by Meechee (Zendaya) and its members include Gwangi (James), Kolka (Gina Rodriguez). There objective is to overthrow the old beliefs of stone and exploring the undiscovered world below the clouds.

Smallfoot Movie Review
Credit: Warner Bros

Following their exploration, Migo crosses path with a human Percy (James Corden), an animal TV show presenter and their adventure to each other’s world.

The movie also preaches some hidden messages which might be difficult for kids to perceive, but they have beautifully embedded in the storyline, thanks to its director Karey Kirkpatrick and Clare Sera who have co-written its script.

The movie has many beautiful numbers at regular intervals and one which is most notable is “Let It Lie”, performed by Common in the movie. Two songs which I liked personally is “Moment of Truth” by CYN and “Wonderful Life” performed by Zendaya

Overall the movie is a nice blend of good animation, script and holds rightful comedy at often times. The enchanting and adorable world of Migo and friends will make you love these beautiful monsters. In the end, we get to see a happy ending and co-existence of humans and Yetis