Snapdragon 1000 could be in works : leaks Roland Quandt

Snapdragon 1000

Snapdragon latest processor !! Snapdragon 1000 !!

A few days ago at the Computex 2018, Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon 850 chipset – the overclocked version of the SD845. The SD850 is touted to offer 30 percent better performance than its predecessors. This new processor is said to mainly power ARM computers. And now the Renowned leaker Roland Quandt leaked that Qualcomm is also cooking a more powerful chipset called Snapdragon 1000 for Windows 10 ARM PCs

However, the upcoming chipset is said to be Snapdragon 1000, but it may have a different name when it will make a way to the market. Preliminary information suggests that it is designed to take Intel-powered laptops.

The Quandt has also said that the Snapdragon 1000 is likely to offer a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of up to 12W which will be almost twice than Snapdragon 850 that has a maximum TDP of 6.5W. However, Processors from Intel like 8250U and 8550U delivers 15W TDP and are housed with quad cores with two threads each.Qualcomm Snapdragon 429

However, there is not much information about the specs of the Snapdragon 1000. But as far as we know, it is likely to come with Cortex-A76 architecture which was recently unveiled by the ARM. It is designed keeping in mind to provide a maximum clocking speed of up to 3 GHz and 35 percent better performance than to its predecessor Cortex A75. The Cortex A76 is expected to be aimed towards smartphones. However, it may deliver higher clocking speed in laptop-like devices and it may be able to produce the same clocking speed for a longer duration through advanced cooling.

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The tipster has also claimed that the Cortex A76 housed in SD 1000 could be integrated with Cortex A55 that was announced earlier this year. It is conjecture to be built with 7nm Technology. Also, devices powered by it will be running on ARM version of Windows which carries support for x86 apps.