Snow is progressing to other areas of Fortnite Map, Mystery of Dragon Eggs in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Snow Map

Fortnite Season 7 has covered up a large portion of the Fortnite map in the snow. As per the previous leaks, it was suggested that in the update v7.10 we will see whole of Fortnite Map covered in the snow. But that thing did not happen, but as of now the snow is very slowly progressing towards the other areas of the map

A Reddit user Burning_Tooth noticed these slow progressions of the snow towards the other areas of the Fortnite Map

Now the players are suggesting that the snow will keep progressing through this Fortnite 14-day event and by the end of this event, the whole Fortnite Map will be covered with snow

Fortnite Map

Another mystery is lying upfront with the sight of Dragon Eggs, which has been found in Polar Peak Castle

It would be really interesting to see, how the theory of Dragon Eggs unfolds in the coming time, Will we see any Dragon coming to Fortnite or these Dragon eggs will set up something else interesting

Also, the Fortnite Challenges for Week 3 are currently live, if you are finding any difficulty in completing those challenges you can follow the link below