Snowfall In Fortnite Ahead Of The Season 7 Second Teaser

Fortnite Snowfall

The moment for which Fortnite fans were eagerly waiting for is finally here. Yes, snowfall has begun in the Fortnite ahead of the season 7 release. But, players have to wait for little more to get full enjoyment of it as snowfall has only begun on the spawn island.

Snowfall In Fortnite Ahead Of The Season 7 Second Teaser

Fortnite spawn island is located far away from the main island where the players gather before spawning on the main island. The spawn island is the first place to feel the cold thrill of the snowfall ahead of the new season.

Currently, very few snowflakes are falling, but the snowfall will become heavier as we approach more near the Fortnite Season 7 battle pass release.

Fortnite Snowfall

The snowfall gives a big hint toward the winter theme based season 7 where the whole map will be covered with the snow and won’t get normal until the next season.

Its now snowing on spawn island!! from FortNiteBR

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Epic Games has already released the first teaser of Fortnite Season 7 which highlights a large iceberg in monstrous avatar with the white background, alongside with a small character on the right side with a pair of skis.

Snowfall In Fortnite

Apart from the teaser image, players have spotted a mysterious iceberg approaching towards the main island from the south. It has a castle over it which was originally full of darkness, but on Sunday 2nd December, lights inside it were switched on.

All these hints confirmed the snowy theme of the next season.


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