Sony PS5 Release Date-PS5 Leaks in PS4 New Holiday Theme

Sony PS5 Release Date-PS5 Leaks in Their New Holiday Theme Photo

PS4 New Holiday Theme has been released by Sony. Many players have noticed something in that Theme which may have Sony PS5 Leaks and Sony PS5 Release Date. There are many rumours that PS5 release date is going to be in 2020.

Sony PS5 Release Date

The rumours related to PS5 release date started after Sony not attending E3 in 2019. Many fans and the commentators speculated the reason behind this will be something important, probably a big announcement.

Sony PS5 Release Date-PS5 Leaks in Their New Holiday Theme 1 Photo

Many fans also claimed that Sony may announce the PS5 release in their annual Playstation Experience(PSX) Event.

PS5 Leaks in PS4 New Holiday Theme

Keeping aside the plans, it looks like Sony are starting to drops some hints about PS5 release. Many fans notice a strange looking ‘S’ in the PS4 New Holiday Theme.

Out of the two scenes, the scene with ‘Happy Holidays’ is with a normal ‘S’. But in the second screen, you see ‘PlayStation’ with ‘S’ written like a ‘5’. Check the tweet below:

This is nothing but a clear hint from Sony for the PS5 release. They are hyping up the PS5 release, maybe to be announced by the end of 2018. Or maybe with the start of 2019? Another possibility can be the age of PS4 being 5 years old. It is because it was released in November 2013.

Nevertheless, fans are getting excited as PS5 is the most probable possibility. They are waiting for the release of PS5 more eagerly after this teaser dropped by Sony.


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