Sony Xperia Ear Duo with voice assistant launches MWC 2018

At MWC 2018, Sony has launched two new wireless headphones. These beautiful headphones has been named aa Xperia Ear Duo and the company has claimed that one can hear music on this device while listening to the world around us.

To make this possible, Sony has utilizing Dual Listening Technology which is somewhat like headphones with minute holes so it allows you hear the sounds of outside environment. This has been worked around with a ring which has a special design mix the music you are hearing and auditory channel around you so well, that it gives you seemingly great music experience without missing on sounds around you.

Sony Xperia Duo

As far as design is concerned, it has very aesthetics design made of steel and rubber. The headphones also offers protection from water splashes and has IPX2 ratings. It’s inner ring has 3 varied sizes.

As per Sony, the headphones has an intelligent system which can adjust the volume itself automatically on the basis of the surrounding environment. It can also recognizes the gestures from head, in way by nodding the head or turning can answer & reject the call respectively. We can also change the song with gesture , by moving left to right.

Sony Xperia Duo

Automatic volume control is not the only smart feature for this headphone. It also offers voice assistant support and thanks “SPRITZER” chip which is also capable of recognizing the time of the day, our location and activities we are performing with the help of multi-sensors. With the help of voice assistant we can set our appointments, send messages or even make calls.

Sony Xperia Duo

All these features makes this headphones pretty interesting to use, but it should also justify on the practical grounds. It has a weight of 10.6 grams and the weight of the charging case is 76 grams. The headphones has been priced at $ 280 & will be available in black & gold colour. The sale of the device will begin in May

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