SpaceX Starlink Constellation Of Satellites For Global Broadband Services

SpaceX is seeking to trademark the name “Starlink” for a satellite network that could provide global broadband access to data and video services as well as Earth imagery and remote sensing.
The company’s satellite unit operating it works from in Redmond(Washington) and is working in covert manner to develop a constellation of thousands of satellites to be launched in earth lowers orbit

Elon Musk ( Space-Founder) announced the multibillion-dollar satellite project during a Seattle visit in 2015, he indicated that it can reduce the cost of broadband services and revenue from the same will help company’s Mars Settlement Program

Trademark application filed in August also opens the window to the use of these satellite in remote sensing and earth imagery purposes.

Space X has stated that these satellites will provide gibabit speed at about latency of 25ms. The launch of 4425 satellites is supposed to begin in 2019 and reaching to its full capacity in year 2024


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